72andSunny Amsterdam, Axe Want You to ‘Find Your Magic’

By Erik Oster 

72andSunny Amerstam launched a new global campaign for Axe, entitled “Find Your Magic,” which promotes the brand’s expanded male grooming line with a message of self-acceptance.

The 60-second launch spot (which debuts in the U.S. next week) opens with a voiceover asking “Come on, a six pack? Who needs a six pack when you’ve got the nose?” as the camera pans to a man with a large schnoz confidently  saying something to make the girl he’s sharing a car with laugh. “Or a nose, when you’ve got the suit,” the voiceover continues as we’re introduced to a small man in a flashy blue suit. The pattern continues throughout, with each guy championing his own individual style, from “the moves,” to “the fire” to rocking those heels (yes, there’s cross-dressing in this spot), to books, brains and (pizza) dough. “Who needs some other thing when you’ve got your thing?” the spot concludes, “Now work on it.” The spot will make its broadcast debut on January 18, supported by digital elements, print, OOH and more.

“Find Your Magic,” beyond merely introducing a new line of products, marks an evolution in the brand’s advertising, taking it one more step away from its seedy past of adolescent hyper-sexuality, yet retaining its connection to attraction. It was inspired by insights derived from researching 3,500 men in ten countries, which found that although women find men more attractive when they’re themselves, many men struggle with self-confidence and a pressure to adhere to stereotypical ideas of masculinity. 

“Axe is a brand that’s always been about attraction,” Axe global vice president Rik Strubel told LBB. “And we know from years of research that what makes a guy attractive is … him. His strengths, his weaknesses, his individuality and most of all how he expresses it. But despite that, a lot of guys don’t feel comfortable being themselves. Because they’re afraid of what people will say…Afraid that what’s unique about them isn’t considered attractive or acceptable. We want to change that.”

“Axe has always been at the forefront of culture,” added 72andSunny executive creative director Carlo Cavallone. With ‘Find Your Magic’ we’re out to liberate guys from pressure and bullshit, and empower them to be the most attractive men they can be – themselves.”