1stAveMachine Explores Human Sight for Vision Express

By Erik Oster 

1stAveMachine, who made their first foray into television last month with the new show Thingamabob, featuring director Bob Partington, are behind this visually striking new spot for, aptly enough, Vision Express.

The 60-second clip takes a journey into the world of human sight, Magic School Bus style, relying on its unique visual portrayals of vision to keep the viewer intrigued and carry its message. Evocatively set to Roberta Flack’s version of the Ewan MacColl penned classic, “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” (with well-utilized sound effects mixed in), it’s not until the last 10 seconds that the narrator delivers this message: “When you take your eye health seriously vision can last a life time,” he says as the camera switches from a smiling baby to the close up of an old woman’s eyes that opened the spot. The parallelism works really well as a subtle, aesthetically pleasing way to reinforce the spot’s message and end things where we began, but with a new appreciation of what we’ve just seen.


Director Roman Rütten took “a predominately  ‘in-camera’ approach,” to creating the spot’s desired effects, mixing “live-action, special effects tank shots, high-speed filming, macro photography” with supplemental CGI to bring the spot to life. For a better look at his process, stick around for the intriguing behind-the-scenes video featured after the jump.