1Camera Celebrates ‘Unsung Heroes of Science’ for Royal Dutch DSM

By Erik Oster 

Amsterdam-based agency 1Camera teamed up with director Hugo Keijzer on the online spot “Unsung Heroes of Science” as part of its “Science Can Change the World” campaign for life and materials sciences company Royal Dutch DSM.

The dramatic spot follows a series of scientists as they make personal sacrifices and suffer setbacks but continue to strive to do work that has a positive impact on the community and the world. At one point, one scientist’s daughter frustratedly yells that his work has become an obsession, illustrating both how dedicated to the job the scientists are and the impact that sacrifice has on those around them. The video effectively humanizes science and scientists, all too often thought of as clinically working on studies with little or no real-world application, delivering the message, “Never doubt that a few caring scientists can change the world” as each of the projects ultimately come to fruition. These triumphs make for some moving moments, especially when a paraplegic walks again thanks to bionic legs. The spot could have benefited from some tighter editing, however, as the lengthy runtime may intimidate some viewers.

“People often think that science is there for the sake of science,” DSM global brand, digital and communications director Jos van Haastrecht, told Adweek. “We really would like to shift the perception to science for a societal purpose.”

“We were inspired by the perseverance that scientists show in facing endless challenges, much like top athletes,” added 1Camera creative director Jasper Claus. “But unlike top athletes, you’ll probably never hear about these scientists, even though their work affects our daily lives and actually changes the world for the better.”



Film Production: Unsung Heroes of Science
Client: Royal DSM N.V. (Angelique Paulussen, Jos van Haastrecht, Rob Dirix)
Concept & Script: Jasper Claus and Hugo Keijzer
Agency: 1Camera
Creative Director: Jasper Claus (1Camera)
Director: Hugo Keijzer
Executive Producer: Paul Keur (1Camera)
Production partner: MikeTeevee
Producer: Ellen Utrecht
Producer: Inge Zoete
Director of Photography Adam Scarth (Lux Artists)
Art Direction: Marijn Molenaar
Offline Editors: Annelien van Wijnbergen & Brian Ent (Kapsalon.tv)
Colorist: Toby Tomkins
Soundstudio: Kaiser Sound Amsterdam
Music: Dead Man’s Bones – “Lose Your Soul” (licencing: Pitch & Sync)
Online: Glassworks Amsterdam