KUSA Anchor Kyle Dyer Can’t Hold In Her Sneeze

By Merrill Knox Comment

It happens to everyone — allergy seasons change, studios are dusty, and sometimes, you just can’t hold a sneeze in. Kyle Dyer, a veteran Denver anchor who has been with NBC affiliate KUSA since 1996, was on the air Friday morning when the urge to sneeze struck her. She tried to hold it in until after she and co-anchor Gregg Moss tossed to meteorologist Ashton Altieri, but she was unsuccessful, prompting Moss to tell her, “I thought you were going to attack me!” (Watch the video, above.)

Earlier this week, we told you about the relationship between local news and viral videos. KUSA shared this video on their website, calling it a “classic sneeze” and a “golden 9NEWS blooper caught on camera.” [h/t NewsBlues]