“You’re Too Provocative To Fly On This Flight,” But Not To Guest On This Show

By Chris Ariens Comment

SWA_9.7.jpgThis morning on Today, Matt Lauer spoke with Kyla Ebbert, a passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight who was told she was dressed too provocatively to fly. Turns out the interview was a little too provocative itself.

At one point in the sit-down interview Matt asks Kyla to stand up to show what she is wearing. It’s the same outfit that nearly got her bumped from the flight. As she sat back down on the couch, her skirt rode up, revealing what was probably going to get her kicked off the flight in the first place. An astute TVNewser reader noticed when he watched the Today show in the central time zone, that editors had digitized Kyla’s privates (in all honestly, it was just a glimpse of her panties.) ((That’s the first time I’ve written ‘panties’ on this blog))

What’s more, the interview re-aired on the third hour of Today at 9:09ET. This time, the interview was fixed in editing, and her sit-down was covered completely with a cut-away shot of Matt.

Oh, and did we tell you “there’s more Today” (sing it now) beginning Monday?

>More from an emailer: “Did ‘Today’ even look into this guest and her background before they booked her? Her Myspace page is full of revealing photos of herself. The other morning shows wouldn’t do the segment once they did some research into the guest and saw some of the things posted.”