Shepard Smith Talks with Cousin of Nidal Malik Hasan: ‘ We’re Blown Away as a Family’

By Chris Ariens Comment

Tonight on FOX Report, Shepard Smith talked with Nader Hasan, the cousin of Nidal Malik Hasan. “I want to make sure everyone understands, he is a good American and we are shocked,” said Hasan, who, when the interview was conducted, was still under the impression his cousin had been shot dead.

“We’re blown away as a family,” said Hasan who also said his cousin had been receiving “harassment” for his “middle eastern ethnicity.”

And the motivation, says his cousin, was not wanting to be deployed to Iraq. Hasan was supposed to go later this month.

“If anybody wants to try to suggest it has something else to do with …being afraid of wanting to go to war, um, that’s, that’s it,” said Hasan.