Ft. Hood Massacre: Suspect Nidal Malik Hasan Alive

By Chris Ariens 

At a news conference this evening, Lt. Gen. Robert Cone, commander of III Corps at Ft. Hood, Texas announced that Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the solider accused of the shooting spree today on base, is in fact alive and in stable condition.

“I say again,” Lt. Gen. Cone repeated, “the shooter is not dead, but in custody and in stable condition.”

That revelation has the news organizations wondering how it took several hours for the information to be made public.


Fox News military analyst Lt. Col. Bill Cowan told Sean Hannity, it may have had to do with the investigation. “Maybe it had something to do with them finding out if there were other people still out there,” said Cowan. “It doesn’t make sense why they didn’t let us know early on why he was indeed alive.”

CNN’s Larry King says his network wants answers. “Lets be clear about this,” said King, “this was not a CNN mistake for four hours. We reported what the Colonel said on camera to the world, and then somehow they didn’t tell us what they obviously knew for hours. We have a right to know why we definitively reported he was dead. CNN is pressing the military to explain why they waited until after 9pm eastern, that he was alive and in stable condition.”