O’Reilly Passes Cooper At Auction

By Chris Ariens Comment

Remember last week when we told you CNN’s Anderson Cooper was worth more, at auction, than FNC’s Bill O’Reilly? Well, B&C’s John Eggerton is keeping an eye on the the auction benefiting the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights and has found the O’Reilly meet-and-greet is not only going for more than Cooper currently, it’s the most valuable bid among TV news media personalities.

The current bid for O’Reilly is $3,055. Copper is going for $2,000. That shows no movement for the Cooper bid, and an increase of $1,250 for O’Reilly in the last nine days.

But see who’s catching up, after the jump…

Two MSNBC personalities are on the rise: a Morning Joe meet-and-greet is now going for $2,600, while a dinner at Washington DC’s Willard Hotel with Chris Matthews is now going for $2,335, up from $1,550 last Wednesday.