Bohrman on the Menu: “I Think John’s Program Will Come to Dominate Sunday Talk”

By SteveK 

“Decision-Maker Week” came to an end this week with CNN SVP and Washington bureau chief David Bohrman.

We talked to Bohrman about CNN’s technology, much of which he’s responsible for bringing to the network. “I’m always looking for interesting display technologies and things that might be of real use for telling stories,” said Bohrman. Of the “Magic Wall”: “It’s just a great way to interact with data and information.”

But not every decision panned out. “We actually were able to pull a pie-chart out of the wall and bring it over to the table where Anderson [Cooper] was, but it just looked dopey,” he said. “We decided that doesn’t really work very well, let’s not do that again. But I think it’s so much better to try something, and if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work.”


Bohrman put on his D.C. bureau chief hat and gave his take on John King’s “State of the Union.” “I think John’s program will come to dominate Sunday talk,” he said.

Also discussed: the “rare” way CNN won their Peabody award, what went right and wrong with the infamous “Hologram” (which Bohrman has wanted on air since 1996), how CNN plans to compete with its cable competitors in the ratings and What We Learned This Week (featuring former VP Cheney).

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