Middle East Crisis: Annan On CNN, Bolton On FNC; Putting CNN On Top Of The Car…

By Brian 


> The above photo comes from FOXNews.com’s excellent “Fox News in the field” photo gallery…

> Tonight at 9pm: CNN’s Larry King has the only U.S. television interview with U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan

> U.S. Ambassador John Bolton will take questions from the studio audience of DaySide on FNC this afternoon…

> Update: 3:30pm: FNC tells ICN that Hannity & Colmes and On The Record will air in primetime on Saturday and Sunday. The O’Reilly Factor will air on Sunday (but not Saturday)…

> Check out this CNN.com screen grab: “World War III may be underway but we still need our horse alerts!”

> Molly Ivins randomly drops this aside in the middle of her column: “The nation needs to take a break from Fox News Channel and get a grip — the 24/7 drumbeat for war is silly…”

> TNR’s Marty Peretz blogs: “The person who surprised me with his historical knowledge, sophistication, clarity of mind, and fresh thinking on the relevant issues is Tucker Carlson, right there from Israel on MSNBC…”

> Please read Cal Perry‘s CNN.com essay titled “The true cost of war.” A short excerpt: “We ask questions that might seem extraordinary if our families at home knew we were pondering them. Should we put CNN on top of the car? Does that make us less of a target — or more of one?…”

> An e-mailer writes: “CNN has an endless supply of people.” (About 90 in the region, to be exact.) “They continue to rotate tons of people through their coverage, most recently from CNNI. They’re digging in for the long haul.”