Viggle Gives Advertisers ‘Access’ to Highly Targeted Second Screen Audience

By Adam Flomenbaum 

Viggle_wordmark_763x423In early July, Viggle, the entertainment marketing and rewards platform, announced Viggle Access, an advertising offering across the Viggle, Wetpaint and NextGuide platforms for TV networks and brand partners.

The new offering is designed to allow brand and TV network partners to reach a specific individual in a highly targeted manner and drive tune-in and views against a very specific piece of content. The three ad products that comprise Access are Reach, Promote and Brand Sync. According to the company:

Reach allows advertisers to identify the appropriate audience to target based on first-party data, including age, gender, location and TV tune-in behavior.

Promote drives TV fans to tune into, and engage with, specific shows and web-based content through a variety of editorial content.

Brand Sync allows marketers and networks to continue the conversation with their targeted consumer by allowing Viggle Members to check into the TV commercial on-air using the Viggle mobile app available for iOS and Android devices.

Recent studies from Viggle, Collective, and wywy all show that advertisers cannot just spend on linear TV anymore; they must also reinforce their messaging across second screen devices. Viggle Access is an example of one such solution. Viggle also showed in June that it could help advertisers reach their audience via Viggle-created games. For the World Cup, Clorox sponsored ‘Vigoooal,’ a real-time trivia game centered on soccer content. For more on Access and ‘Vigoooal,’ Lost Remote spoke with Kevin Arrix, Viggle’s Chief Revenue Officer

LR: How will Viggle Access allow brands and TV networks to target audiences and drive tune-in?

Kevin Arrix: Viggle Access allows brands and networks to target audiences and drive tune-in by marrying first party registration data (sex, age, gender, zip, and TV provider) with viewing behavior, which is completely unique to Viggle. If Brand X wants to reach men 18-34 who watch sports and live in the Top 10 DMA’s, we can do that.  Or if Network Y says their new show’s core audience is women 25-34 that are fans of these 10 shows, we can target just those consumers. Because the majority of our media is Cost Per Completed View, there is no waste. Plus, we can validate how many people actually come back to tune-in to the show on the platform.

LR: What did some of the final engagement numbers look like for the Clorox-sponsored World Cup game, ‘Vigoooal’?

Arrix: Overall, 42% of all Viggle users who tuned into the World Cup played along with Viggle’s companion games, including Viggle LIVE and Vigoooal.

Game participants spent an incredible amount of time playing along and came back to play multiple times throughout the tournament, exemplifying the high level of active consumer engagement Viggle’s companion games drive.

LR: Does Viggle plan on creating more games as a result of the success of ‘Vigoooal’?

Arrix: Predictor type games like ‘Vigoooal’ are huge hits with our highly active audience. We’re always thinking of new ways to keep our users entertained while respecting the program. We have some things in the hopper for later this year, so you’ll just have to tune-in to find out!