Twitter Weighs In: Which Is More Beautiful – a Chipotle Burrito or the Victoria’s Secret Angels?

By Adam Flomenbaum 

BBgCoh0‘The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show’ dominated the social ratings on Tuesday night, driving nearly four times the number of tweets as FX’s ‘Sons of Anarchy’ finale.

According to our analytics partner Canvs, which measures Twitter sentiment, 323,427 of 1,215,733 tweets about the show were emotional reactions. 41% of the emotional reactions included the word “love” and 20% included “beautiful.” The show drove the most emotional reactions when Adriana Lima walked the runway in a million dollar fantasy bra Below, some more insights from Canvs on what drove the Twitter conversation, followed by an infographic:

The most interesting thing about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show this year wasn’t the million dollar bras. Twitter blew up with comments about Chipotle burritos because of this tweet:

Chipotle did not acknowledge this moment in any way. Could’ve been a great moment for some real time marketing!