Fusion Launches Mini-Series on Snapchat Discover

By Karen Fratti 

fusion disocverIf you want to know what your news organization should be doing, look to Fusion, the obvious cool kid at the party. It’s probably because their social media director Margarita Noriega just gets that you have to be everywhere — TV, the website, social networks — but you don’t say the same things. Every platform is different, and should be treated that way. Late last year, they launched a web series on Instagram. Today, they’ve announced a mini-series exclusively for Snapchat Discover.

The mini-series, produced by Univision’s documentary team, is called “Outpost: Into the World” and will focus on exploring “hidden worlds that usually go unseen and overlooked but when revealed will shock and thrill.” The first season, they’ll check out Latin America and the Caribbean. Episodes will be available every Wednesday, premiering next week. Fusion CEO Isaac Lee says in a statement that:

The premiere of ‘Outpost’ on Snapchat is just one example of how we are engaging with this young, diverse generation everywhere they consume content — from our television network and web platform to emerging social platforms. Fusion is committed to finding dynamic ways to harness the power of Snapchat to serve an ultra-connected, global audience with stories that inform, entertain, and provoke.

The network is also launching “News in a Snap” on Snapchat, minute long news updates specifically for its international audience and will feature “headlines with an eye to humor, irreverence, and the global news cycle.”

Both “Outpost” and the news updates sound like an effort to change things up in terms of content discovery for the Fusion audience, without ever sacrificing their brand. That’s not an easy task.