Crimson Hexagon’s analysis on the annual #CBSTweetWeek

By Natan Edelsburg 

CBSTweetWeekGenderCBS continues to produce “Tweet Week” in honor of fall TV. The massive celeb social TV week was analyzed by Crimson Hexagon who we’ve been publishing reports with on fall TV for months. Here are there findings.

  • Cop Shows are Fan Favorites During Fall 2013 #CBSTweetWeek

  • CBS brought back #CBSTweetWeek for fall and season premiers from September 18 to October 3, generating around 20,000 tweets with the branded hashtag, according to social media analytics company Crimson Hexagon.

  • Enthusiasm for police procedurals leads use of #CBSTweetWeek. Around a quarter of tweets using the hashtag (23%) discuss the NCIS franchise and around one-fifth (21%) of all tweets with #CBSTweetWeek tout Hawaii Five-0. Tweets about Blue Bloods represent 17% of the #CBSTweetWeek conversation.

  • Person of Interest ran a t-shirt contest that generated some Twitter engagement with the show (2%).

  • Crimson Hexagon found that among comedies, fans of The Big Bang Theory are the most vocal using this hashtag, representing 18% of the conversation. Comedies How I Met Your Mother and 2 Broke Girls each register a 3% share of the #CBSTweetWeek discussion.

  • The vast majority of tweets expressed viewership and enthusiasm for one show or another. Less than 1% of all #CBSTweetWeek tweets expressed enthusiasm for CBS premiers overall, without mentioning a favorite show.

  • While police procedurals dominated the hashtag conversation, CBS might be interested to know that women are far more engaged by #CBSTweetWeek than men. Crimson Hexagon’s analytics platform found that the gender ratio of people tweeting using the hashtag is 73% female to 27% male.

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