Canvs Infographic: How ABC’s ‘Agent Carter’ Stacked Up Against Fox’s ‘Gotham’

By Adam Flomenbaum 

LOGO‘Marvel’s Agent Carter’ premiered this week on ABC and got off to a great start social TV-wise. The show came in second place on Nielsen’s Twitter TV Ratings chart on Tuesday (only behind ‘Pretty Little Liars).

According to our analytics partner Canvs, which recently became – after a partnership with Nielsen – the first completely syndicated qualitative social TV platform, 32,232 of 104,053 tweets about the show were emotional reactions. 54% of the emotional reactions included the word “love” and 18% included “good.” The show drove the most emotional reactions a third of the way through when Peggy donned a blonde wig and red lipstick as a disguise.

Below, some more insights from Canvs:

Gotham and Agent Carter seemed like a natural comparison for us to make in the bottom of this week’s graphic: DC vs. Marvel, Man vs. Woman, Monday vs. Tuesday– classic rivalries.

Also wanted to give you a note on gender. Much has been made of Agent Carter being the first Marvel property with a female lead. We took a look at how Twitter users responded to this milestone by analyzing reactions that specifically mentioned the protagonist’s gender.

-67% said they loved the strong female character

-13% expressed that it was good 

9% found Carter to be a badass woman