Watch Out, Poets & Writers!


By Neal Comment

elizabeth-hand.jpgWhen she read yesterday’s item about women and their author photos, Elizabeth Hand (right) got an idea. “It suddenly struck me that here is a great marketing niche just waiting to be filled: author makeovers!” she emailed. “There could be an entire magazine, with tips on the right photo, the right book to be seen reading, the right pet (pet names are soooo important in an author bio), the right body enhancement, the right editors to flirt with…” She’s even got specific article ideas on everything from hair coloring (“Are You Too Young for a Sontag Streak?”) to Cosmo-style literary advice (“Make Your Agent Beg For More!”) I don’t know about you, but I see a Great Need, or at the very least a solid April Fool’s feature for some writing magazine next year (and if so, we want our cut!).