Terrell Owens’ real kids book

By Carmen Comment

The irony is so thick I should take out a foghorn to navigate my way through it. Because troubled wide receiver Terrell Owens (right) – who was called out by teammate Donovan McNabb (left) on many issues, but most especially about his recent biography (which McNabb deemed “a children’s book”) – is actually putting his name on a kids’ book.

LittleT-LearnstoShare.jpgAccording to the press release sent out by Dallas-based BenBella Books, LITTLE T LEARNS TO SHARE, aimed for the 3 to 5 year old set, “uses adorable illustrations and rhyming text to show one boy learning to share his new football with friends” as a means of “sharing with children the lessons he didn’t learn as a child (and has had to painfully acquire as an adult).”

What the press release neglected to mention is that the bulk of the work was done by ghostwriter Courtney Parker, with Todd Harris providing illustrations. And if BenBella sells out its 10,000 print run, look for more in the “T.O.’s Timeouts” series in the future. Maybe there’ll be an installment called LITTLE T REACTS TO AN ALLERGY…