Seattle Artist Carves Fairy Tale Scenes Out of Old Books

By Maryann Yin 

Ouzman Art

Have you ever tried to re-purpose an old book? Isobelle Ouzman, an artist based in Seattle, transforms them into beautiful book carvings.

Ouzman acquires unwanted books from alleys and thrift stores for her artistic projects. In a piece posted on, Ouzman explains that she has “spent sleepless nights curled over my desk with glue up to my elbows, fingers cut from my clumsiness with an art knife (and clumsiness in general), and all of it fueled by my love for bringing something discarded back to life.”

Other creatives who also work with old books to produce artwork include Guy Laramee, Julia Strand, Mike Stillkey, and Brian Dettmer. Follow this link to watch a TED talk from Dettmer.