Our Tsundoku Problem & Viral Book-Shop Sign: Top Stories of the Week

By Jason Boog Comment

For your weekend reading pleasure, here are our top stories of the week.

They included how The Great Gatsby changed Haruki Murakami’s life, a steamy book cover that generated strong sales and a viral bookstore sign (embedded above).

1. This Is a Bookshop Sign Goes Viral

2. The Cover That Launched a Thousand iBookstore Sales

3. Why Haruki Murakami Translated The Great Gatsby

4. Author Gives Fake Writing Assignments to Online Cheaters

5. Hyperbole and a Half Author Returns with Illustrated Essay on Depression

6. Free Sites To Promote Your Book

7. Successful query letters for literary agents

8. Bret Easton Ellis Addresses David Foster Wallace Comments

9. Tsundoku: Illustrated Definition of a Book Lover’s Problem

10. Best Writing Music of 2013, So Far