Figment Launches Email Writing Prompts

By Maryann Yin Comment

Figment, the writing community for young adult readers, has launched a digital muse called “Figment Daily Themes.” This free email service provides “carefully crafted writing prompts” five times a week to encourage users to write everyday.

Here’s more from the announcement: “Whether you’re getting back into the practice of writing or already a dedicated daily scribe, these prompts will push you to work on the range of your craft, focusing on character, setting, dialogue, personal essay, verse, and more. (And we’ll feature occasional prompts from some of our favorite professional authors like Lev Grossman, Curtis Sittenfeld, and Dana Goodyear!)”

Figment Daily Themes will run from January 2nd until March 30th. To sign up, enter your contact information in the box at the bottom of the blog announcement.

Short story writer Nell Freudenberger has already contributed one prompt, advising writers to compose letters to themselves.

Last month, New York Times bestselling YA author Cassandra Clare headlined a reading event and urged aspiring writers to write everyday even if you can only manage one hundred words per day.

How do you stay motivated to write everyday?