Benedict Wong Cast in the Doctor Strange Movie

By Maryann Yin Comment

Doctor Strange Movie (GalleyCat)Benedict Wong has been cast as Wong, a sidekick character, in the Doctor Strange movie. Recently, he was seen on the silver screen in The Martian film adaptation.

Here’s more from The Hollywood Reporter: “Wong, the character, is a Marvel mainstay, having been around since the 1960s. He performs healing duties, assists in occult matters, is knowledgeable in martial arts and tends to Strange’s affairs. Among his functions is to look after Strange’s body when the hero is astral projecting himself into other dimensional planes.”

According to Vulture, some of the other cast members include Benedict Cumberbatch in the titular role, Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One, and Mads Mikkelsen as the primary villain. Marvel Entertainment has set the theatrical release date for Nov. 4. (via Empire Magazine)