Barnes & Noble & the $249 Nook Color: Publishing Twittersphere Reactions

By Jason Boog Comment

Today Barnes & Noble unveiled the $249 Nook Color. We rounded up some of our favorite Twitter reactions to the eReader with a 7-inch color touch display, innovative eBook  sampling features, and the ability to play video.

Publishers Lunch recorded this valuable statistic: “[B&N CEO William] Lynch says ‘Nook has sold well over a million units, and we’re well on our way to selling a million more.'”

Publishers Weekly added: “lest we forget Borders has a $170 color Cruz Reader coming this year & color Cruz Tablet for $299 coming in January (?).

Sarah Weinman tweeted: “I love the sound of hyperbole in aft. RT @PublishersLunch Nook Color: ‘Nothing like this has ever been invented: the first reader’s tablet.'”

Don Linn tweeted: “Lots of things to like about Nook at first glance. Why am I still skeptical? Partly because of the funky DRM.”

Pablo Defendini had this thought: “So: Nook color= 7″ android based tablet for 250 bucks. Samsung Galaxy=7″ android based tablet for 400 bucks. RUH ROH.”

TechCrunch rmeained skeptical: “Nice Knowing You, Nook.

Kat Meyer retweeted a Seuss-ian rhyme: “Takes very little 2 make me laugh RT @saschasegan: But a Nook can’t read, so a Nook can’t cook. So what good to a Nook is a hook cook book?”