Anne Rice Quit Christianity & Old Spice Guy Loved Libraries: Top 10 Stories of July 2010

By Jason Boog Comment

The Old Spice Guy shared his love of libraries during a video campaign (embedded above) that went viral this year, joining Anne Rice and the Best Publisher Pages on Facebook directory in our top ten stories of July 2010.

Instead of doing our traditional year-in-review post, we’ve decided to collect the ten most popular stories on GalleyCat each month–sharing the stories that mattered most to our readers. Looking back at these headlines, we can see the hopes, fears, and distractions that obsessed the publishing industry in 2010. Follow this link to see the rest of the year unfold.

1. Amazon to Release $139 Wi-Fi Edition of Kindle eReader
2. Molly Ringle Writes the Worst Sentence of 2010
3. “I Write Like” Program Compares Your Writing to Famous Authors
4. Levi Johnston’s Sister Continues to Blog about Sarah Palin’s Family
5. Best Publisher Pages on Facebook
6. Drunk Hulk Unmasked
7. Anne Rice: ‘I Quit Christianity’
8. Tin House to Require Bookstore Receipt for Unsolicited Manuscripts
9. Old Spice Guy Celebrates Libraries
10. Library Card Art on Etsy