Zimmerman Grabs Bob’s Stores Account, Calls It a ‘Hot Streak’

By Kiran Aditham Comment

Omnicom-owned, Fort Lauderdale-based Zimmerman, the self-proclaimed “retail brand builder” has been name the ad agency for New England-based retail chain, Bob’s Stores. There was no formal review and Zimmerman says it will immediately get down to business on creative, which is set to debut in February.

Agency namesake, founder/chairman and part-time motivational speaker, Jordan Zimmerman, says in a statement, “The Bob’s team has the business focus. They have the fighting spirit we love.” Zimmerman’s PR flack calls the Bob’s win a continuation of the agency’s “hot streak.” Well, can’t deny the impact of Captain D’s, but in the last 18 months, Zimmerman has also added Boston Market, Carfax and Lane Bryant to its client roster if that says anything.

According to the announce, Bob’s Stores campaigns will be driven by Zimmerman’s Brandtailing methodology, which in this client’s case, means “building brand distinction while driving next-day comp sales at every step along the way.”  But we have to ask, will Tango be involved?