Google Adwords Makes an Expensive Thank You Card

By Bob Marshall 

October marked the 10th anniversary of Google’s Adwords, its main source of revenue and a feature that revolutionized the way people advertise on the internet. Last year, Adwords generated $23 billion in revenue, and Google decided it was time to send a thank you card to the over 1 million clients that made its flagship product an immense success.

AKQA San Francisco called upon PostPanic to create a card that could be customized to integrate clients’ names into the video. While, as you’ll see in the video, is the client in question, Google’s clients have the ability to make any company part of their elaborate thank you card. Sure, the technology in the ad might be a tad exaggerated, but as the video is all shot in and around Google HQ in Mountain View, California, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that “B2B bees,” moon lasers and massive domino setups could actually be based off of Google’s own technological experiments.


Hats off to Google because, really, who’s nice enough to send a thank you card anymore? Credits after the jump.

(For PostPanic)
Production Company: PostPanic
Director: Mischa Rozema
Executive Producers: Jules Tervoort, Ania Markham
Senior Producer: Annejes van Liempd
DOP: Joost van Starrenburg
Line Producer: Joy Czerwonky
Casting Director: MaryClaire Sweeters
1st AD: Annie Spiegelman
Post-Production: PostPanic
Editor: Rocky Bazemore
CG Supervisor:Ivor Goldberg
VFX Supervisor: Chris Staves
Matte Painter: Wieger Poutsma
3D Artists: Jeroen Aerts, Matthijs Joor, Adam Janaczek, Simeon Patarozliev, Jurriën Boogert, Marnix Reckman, Luc Thijssen, Ruud Coenen
2D Artists: Erwin van den IJssel, Giso Spijkerman
Compositing: Chris Staves
Music & Sounddesign: Bluwi

(For AKQA San Francisco)
Executive Producer: Nancy Cardillo
Group Creative Director: Neil Robinson
Copywriter: Vinit Patil
Account Manager:

Christina Wong

(For Google)
Head of AdWords Product Marketing: Jon Diorio