You Can Buy a Part of Brooklyn, Sort Of

By Jordan Teicher Comment

Screen shot 2013-09-19 at 3.02.27 PM

For $4, you can buy Brooklyn. Well, you can buy a tiny piece of it, at least, which costs almost as much as Jay-Z’s old ownership share of the Nets. That’s the shtick of the latest project from Floyd Hayes, the creator of “The World’s Fastest Agency” among many other ideas. Hayes also used to be ECD at Cunning, and his “Piece of Brooklyn Project” is not just a quirky gambit of guerilla enterprise. $1 of every purchase will be donated to the Brooklyn Arts Council. We can always get behind a good cause.

In case you are worried about ending up with a fraudulent chunk of BK, every item comes with a rubber stamp of authenticity, for whatever that’s worth. Check out the items here.