Sure Deodorant: For Strong Women Who Sweat Unapologetically

By Bob Marshall Comment

Unilever’s Sure and Deutsch NY view the women’s deodorant industry as something in need of repair. What’s the problem, you ask? In a statement, they say, “For years, women have been portrayed by the deodorant industry as weak. From embarrassed bridesmaids to sheepish business women in silk blouses who hide their armpits, women have been made to feel that without a deodorant we are inadequate and unattractive.” Well, I don’t know if I’d take it that far, but considering that one of Sure’s biggest competitors is named “Secret,” I can definitely jump on board with the overall sentiment of that statement.

With the above spot titled “We Are Strong” (which will run on TV in 24 countries), Sure seeks to depict a different side of women, one that isn’t all about skipping merrily through fields of lilac while dressed head to toe in pastels. In fact, the models in “Unapologetically Strong” opt for decrepit abandoned buildings instead of the great outdoors, which is a great place to cross your arms and look intimidating, but probably isn’t the best environment for a newborn baby. The spot is part of Sure’s Maximum Strength global product launch, and the statement from Sure and Deutsch goes on to say that, “Sweat is a sign that we’re engaged, we’re doing, we’re achieving. Women are strong. And now there’s a product as strong as we are.” Click here for credits.