Spirit Continues Classy Marketing Streak with Weiner-Based Promo

By Kiran Aditham Comment

Leave it to the airline that has come up with acronyms like MUFF and WTF in years’ past to promote their deals to latch on to some scandal like Weiner-gate for its own benefit. Now that Rep. Anthony Weiner cried and admitted yesterday that he’s at fault for tweeting a pic of his johnson among other things, Spirit found it the perfect time to capitalize and has sent this email touting its “Weiner sale.” Oy.

As the Daily News says, you really can’t make this stuff up–though to be fair, the New York paper itself has been less than shy when it comes to goofing on the guy with its “witty” cover headlines. Still, it’s not too ridiculous considering that Spirit is the same brand whose president/CEO once shoved himself in an overhead bin to defend his company’s carry-on charges.  Those who’ve been coming up with Spirit’s marketing ideas over the last few years should’ve just joined him in there and shut the door.