Showtime Gets ‘Shameless’

By Bob Marshall Comment

In response to one of my favorite pop culture journalists being dismissed after fabricating a book review, it’s time to own up to my own biases: Anything that stars William H. Macy as a drunk, deadbeat father with long hair, I will automatically get behind. I don’t know why, but since viewing his role in The Last Dragon (a good hungover Saturday movie to watch if you can get your hands on it), I’ve been a fan of the guy. He doesn’t get a lot of credit really, but he can play out there and crazy with the best of him. Of course, his new series from Showtime Shameless looks very promising from this trailer, but then, so did Boardwalk Empire before it got kind of boring. Will Shameless be another example of a great supporting actor not quite cutting it with a starring role in a TV drama? We’ll have to wait and see.

One of two slow-motion spots from award-winning Station director David Gray (no, not that David Gray), “Macy and Rossum” depicts Macy as an alcoholic father of six being cared for by his eldest daughter (Mystic River and The Phantom of the Opera‘s Emmy Rossum). Set in Chicago (it looks like they borrowed the couch from Roseanne for this show), Macy’s character must hold it together long enough in his wife’s absence to shamelessly pull his family together. Wacky hi-jinks and universal learning experiences are sure to occur when his daughter goes “out,” possibly compounding the problem when she produces six more children of her own. Check it out after the jump.