Seahawks Fans Get Louder, 49ers Fans Whine

By Erik Oster Comment

While 49ers fans would prefer if the Seattle fanbase could keep the noise level down to polite golf claps and the occasional “Good job, sport,” Seahawks fans will continue to bring the noise.

After setting a world record for crowd noise Sunday night, and pissing off some 49ers fans in the process, Seahawks fans, aka the 12th man, are synonymous with the word “loud.” Hometown agency Wexley School For Girls and Pico Sound have embraced that identity with their new spot, entitled simply “Louder.” The :30 spot shows Seahawks fans raising the decibel level while 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick tries to call a play at the line of scrimmage, only to be forced to settle for a timeout due to the deafening noise. “Louder” concludes with the tagline “Bigger Faster Stronger Louder” and the hashtag #Louder. That hashtag should provoke enthusiastic responses from the Seahawks faithful, and its share of angry tweets from 49ers fans, who would prefer the hashtag #SettleDownPleaseIt’sGettingALittleTooNoisyAtThisFootballMatch.