RPA Can’t Get Enough Halloween Cheesiness

By Erik Oster Comment

RPA, the agency behind the “#HauntedHonda” misfire we wrote about yesterday¬†spent their Halloween day throwing together a series of zombie apocalypse clips in our commentors’ favorite medium: Vine. Entitled “#RPApocalypse” (Get it? RPA ends in an “A’ and…yeah you get it), the poorly produced Vines tell fragments of a story about the RPA office being overrun with zombies. The ten parts were produced and uploaded over the course of the day yesterday. This kind of illustrates the problem with the Vine format. While some people try to do something interesting with Vine (as in, put in time and effort), it’s way too easy to just goof around and throw together some four second clips in one take (clearly the case here). In all likelihood, these clips took as long to load on your computer as they did to make. It makes you wonder why someone would bother to create and share this in the first place. ¬†

Maybe I’m being a little unfair. RPA clearly just wanted to have a little fun on Halloween. But then the question becomes: Why would anyone want to watch this? I really don’t have the answer. We’ve included two of the Vines above, and if you wish to see the rest (who are you?), you can check it out here.