Richards Group (Almost) Borrows a GOP Slogan for New Chrysler Campaign

By Shawn Paul Wood Comment

ICYMI: Saturday was a big day for Chrysler.

Its new advertising celebration, brought to you by Dallas’ Richards Group — the wunderkinds behind Motel 6’s left-on light and Chick-Fil-A’s chicken-loving bovines — kicked off the marketing campaign for the Chrysler 200 sedan.

Entitled “Born Makers,” the spot focuses on keeping American auto production red, white, and blue — a theme that hearkens back to the Eminem “Imported from Detroit” Super Bowl entry.

The end of the commercial, however, echoes a less successful campaign…

According to MediaPost, the ad features the voice of Detroit actor Kevin Yon, who was also the voice of the Chrysler brand’s rebirth with the “Born of Fire” commercial for Super Bowl XLV, and Detroit-born MoZella covering Dylan’s “Things Have Changed.”

It provides us with a heartwarming look at a Sterling Heights Assembly Plant, which was rebuilt for $1 billion, featuring “shots of Detroit employees, the new robotic assembly system, other manufacturing elements and the 200 being built” — all under the umbrella of “America’s Import.”

we built itAnd it all ends with a bold proclamation before the griddle shot: “We made this.”

This phrase may have led you to recall a less generous message from the 2012 Republican National Convention.

In this case, however, the takeaway is not that some Americans work hard while others live off the toils of their betters — it’s a unifying sentiment more along the lines of “Made in America, dammit!”

Will it work? And was the resemblance a coincidence?

Good questions.