Reebok Just Wants Girl to Want to Have Fun… Excercising

By SpyWriter Comment


Reebok did a little research and found out that most women don’t like working out. In fact, their research showed that most women see exercise as a “boring chore”. So they decided to partner with top instructors from around the world that are supposedly “renowned for their fresh, fun approach to working out” in an effort to create a new fitness program that they will announce later this year. This team of instructors will be affecionately known as the Reebok Global Instructors Team and are entrusted with the task of creating fun workouts that take the bore out of getting healthy. Part of Reebok’s Campaign will include its new women’s fitness website- that launces on Sept. 15. Reebok says that the site will provide the, uh hmm, “unique opportunity to create and share their own inspiration to get active by customizing an experience based on the mood, fitness move and color of their choice.”

But, blah blah, it’s all been done before. What kind of campaign could Reebok possibly roll out that will excite people so much that they are sprinting (in their new reeboks, no less) to their nearest sports club hoping to get that cardio up? Unless they’ve created an updated version of slamball, because that’s a seriously awesome game. And will this new effort be affected by Dove’s helping ‘real women’ to love their bodies. I smell a campaign off. Doves Real Women vs. The Reebok Global Instructors. Maybe they could get a reality show sponsered by Nike.