Google And NBC Go For The Holy Grail

By SuperSpy 

NBC Universal has announced a new tag team relationship with Google. The multi-year partnership will focus on creating a more effective means of measuring advertising. The holy grail! They’re going for it! That, and NBC is looking to add self-service buying opportunities through the Google TV Ads advertising platform.

NBCU will offer advertising time from several of its cable networks to Google’s TV Ads platform. Google basically got the rocky stations to play with first including Sci Fi, Oxygen, MSNBC, CNBC, Sleuth, and Chiller. With the data acquired, advertisers will be able to make real-time adjustments to their campaign to maximize their ROI.


NBC will continue its direct relationships with agencies, but will also gain access to Google’s AdWords online advertising program, many of whom are not currently television advertisers. Lets make some money ya? Can you hear the champagne glasses clinking?

Look, Google is playing some hard ball people. It’s getting to the point where everyone may just have to schedule a few play dates with Tim Armstrong (President of Advertising and Commerce, North America, pictured above) and Google. It’s just the way Google wants it. Muwahahahha!

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