OMD (apparently) Doesn’t Rock to the Oldies

By Matt Van Hoven Comment


We hear that if you’re not young and hip, you aren’t long for the OMD world. At least one person within the agency believes that OMD is clearing out people aged around 50 years.

In an economy where young people are cheaper to pay for, age discrimination toward those who warrant higher pay (plus benefits) has been an issue for more than a few companies. This rumor likely comes from a disgruntled ex-OMDer. Check out the other recent stories on this issue.

The first is about a 63 year-old woman in Michigan who claims she didn’t get a job with American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) due to her age. The second refers to talent agency ICM, which was accused by 150 television writers of the same. An LA Times report today said the agency settled.

“The agency and insurers agreed to put $4.5 million into a settlement fund against which eligible writers would be able to make claims. Without admitting any wrongdoing, the agency also agreed to establish an independent task force to examine its representation practices.”

Update: “OMD wants only 20 year old college kids. They’re cheap & easier to manipulate into long working hours. I’m (older than 20)…and after many years of service (I) was given the pinkslip. Age districrimination? You bet! They bully you into signing away your legal rights in exchange for your severance!”