Observe the IKEA House Party You’ve Always Wanted to Throw

By Bob Marshall Comment

It’s been out for a short while, but in order to raise awareness for the premiere of UK Channel 4 show House Party, Jump Off TV, commissioned by ACME Films, created the above viral video featuring a guy doing what you’ve never had the guts to do–throw an impromptu party in an IKEA.

I know I’m not alone in my urge to do this. In fact, I once went through the planning stages of organizing a giant game of hide-and-seek at my local IKEA (which, regrettably, didn’t end up happening). But here we have a brave soul, who just want to get his dance on with the aid of a liquor bottle and some adorable children. Is it staged? The stereotypically cross-armed security guards would suggest so. But, nearly 300,000 views on YouTube means that a good amount of people are buying into it (and probably enjoying it) either way.

For those interested, House Party (no relation to the Kid ‘n Play’s classic film series) is an interactive TV show that calls itself a “club,” with DJs including Grandmaster Flash, A-Track and others playing hours-long sets to viewers who prefer to dance from the comfort of their homes. Learn more at the show’s website here and watch IKEA’s new, official “Bright Shiny Colours” campaign from Mother London that debuted last week below.