Mother London Makes Vaguely Profane T-Shirt to Support Greece

By Bob Marshall Comment

If the London Olympics have been the only news you’ve been following over the last few months, it may surprise you to learn that Greece’s economy has now finally totally collapsed (I think). Yes, the very country that brought us Western philosophy, the yo-yo, and the concept of the Olympics has fallen on rough times what with the worldwide recession that’s been going on for the last few years. The country’s been barely surviving on a series of expansive bailouts from the EU, yet Greece’s pretty terrible government has been using these bailouts to plunge deeper and deeper into debt.

Greece’s fall has been hurting the entire EU of which it is (for now) a part of, as that whole idea of making the Euro most of the continent’s sole currency is looking pretty stupid about now. But, similar to the American repression we’re currently experiencing, most of Greece’s population had little to nothing to do with the mess they’re now a part of, which is terrifying when you consider the country’s healthcare system is also collapsing. So, Mother London has taken it upon themselves to show solidarity with their Grecian brethren by creating t-shirts that say, “Fuck This, I’m Off to Greece.” Well, they don’t quite say that, but it’s strongly implied in a similar way to most graphic tees you see at Urban Outfitters.

Proceeds from sales of the t-shirts from the campaign’s Facebook page will be donated to Doctors of the World, a free-clinic originally set up for migrants that is now “seeing over 80 percent of Greek people.” According to Wikipedia, that’s like 8 million people, which I find a little exaggerated but that’s what the press release is telling me. Also, the press release wants me to note that the clinic has been overwhelmed by parents who can’t afford their children’s booster shots, a phenomena usually only seen in third world countries.

T-shirts are on sale here for £15 ($23.52 ‘merican) from now until the end of the Paralympics in September.