LMFAO Overexposure Continues, This Time in Kia’s YouTube Dance-Off

By Kiran Aditham Comment

Electro-hop duo LMFAO have already gotten a hell of a lot of mileage out of their “Party Rock” schtick and tracks like ” Party Rock Anthem,” but that doesn’t mean their onslaught is even close to completion (*gulp*). The boys in LMFAO known as Redfoo and SkyBlu are now playing a key role in a new online effort from David&Goliath for Kia called the “Soul Shuffle Slam,” which is basically a virtual dance competition that takes place on the Soul Youtube channel.

Launched this week, the “Soul Shuffle Slam” lets users battle friends in a dance-off by uploading 60-second videos of  themselves breaking it down to, yes, “Party Rock Anthem.” Perhaps the thing that most caught our eye is the virtual crossfader that lets you toggle between uploaded videos involved in a “Slam.” You can also vote on clips and help choose four finalists,  who will then by judged by LMFAO and some dance team called Quest Crew. According to the Soul channel’s countdown clock, there are 18 days left in this “Slam” and the grand prize winner nabs $10,000 and a chance to dance with LMFAO on stage.  But by then, who knows, the winner (like you, me and probably everyone else) might just be completely sick of them and praying for the return of the hamsters. Credits after the jump.

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