Art Director Gives Prints to Chicago Marathon Sponsors

By Bob Marshall 

If you live in Chicago and don’t live on a shack built several miles offshore in the middle Lake Michigan, odds are you know of someone who will be running in the 26.2-mile long Chicago Marathon on Oct. 9. Really, is there anything more annoying than someone humble-bragging about how much work it takes to be in such good shape before asking you to donate money to their cause? That is, unless you have someone like Cramer-Krasselt AD Brandon Knowlden working at your office.

Knowlden is actually giving something to those willing to sponsor his race, and those who donate will get their choice of one of three pretty awesome personalized prints representing training for the marathon, running the marathon and finishing the marathon. Knowlden’s training sessions are broken into short, medium and long runs, and interested parties will sponsor $30, $40 and $50 for these runs respectively, with all proceeds going to the American Liver Foundation. Each print will come with the sponsor’s name and the distance and the average speed Knowlden ran.

One person who sponsors the marathon itself for $100 gets all three prints. If you’re a Chicagoan and like reppin’ your hometown’s flag and skyline, any of these prints would look great framed in your house. I don’t know this guy, but I’m donating for the print and the story behind it. Donate to Knowlden’s run here.