Johnny Vulkan’s End Of Year Round-Up

By SuperSpy Comment


Business Week asked Anomaly’s Johnny Vulkan to give an end of year round up for their advertising industry. We suggest giving the whole thing a read (dude isn’t a bad writer), but here’s our highlights:

“This year hasn’t been a wonderful one for advertising professionals—unless your business is advertising conferences entitled “The Future of Marketing”—but 2007 will prove to have been a remarkable year for the marketing profession in general.”

“The money hasn’t disappeared; it’s just that some of it is being invested in places other than “traditional” advertising—primarily in products and services themselves. The creativity that was once the preserve of advertising has surfaced in rapidly expanding research and development departments at a new generation of creative innovation businesses.”

“Where we used to advertise ‘at’ people, technology now creates more opportunities for people to answer back—not just to the advertisers themselves, but to everyone.”