Writer’s ByPass Producers And Go To The Agenices

By SuperSpy 

Those striking writers might not be willing to comprise with the producers, but they are willing to speak directly to advertising agencies in the hopes that either – 1)the agencies will apply pressure to the networks or 2) writers begin to cut deal with agencies directly. TV Board’s Jack Myers’ offers an astute analysis of the situation and reports that:

“Direct deals between advertisers and writers are in the works, and members of the Writers Guild of America have been meeting with media agency executives this week on fact-finding missions and to clearly outline their negotiating positions.”


Sarah Fay, CEO of Carat U.S. and Isobar said,

“-it also appears that the industry press, and of course the news channels, won’t cover the writers’ side fairly because of politics. They are now talking to people like me because they want us to know how dire the situation is.”

Read Myers’ full piece here.