Honda Honors Facebook Fans with Hand-Carved Pumpkins

By Bob Marshall Comment

Pictured above is a pumpkin portrait of Ryan Rachko, one of eight of Honda’s over 1.3 million Facebook fans who the auto brand honored with a jack-o’-lantern courtesy of Maniac Pumpkin Carvers. Last year, a few Facebook fans paid tribute with Honda-themed pumpkins, which in turned inspired the “True Love Can Be Scary” Facebook photo gallery. As a thank you, Honda and agency RPA’s used the social media campaign “Honda Loves You Back” to create a new gallery featuring the orange mugs of last year’s carvers. Over two years in, “Honda Loves You Back” shows no sign of slowing down, and props to Honda and RPA for consistently finding news ways to use social platforms to extenuate the brand’s devotion to customer service.

While we’re on the subject of Honda and RPA, we would be remiss not to give some mention to Honda’s surprise parade last Thursday for Maine resident Joe LoCicero, whose odometer on his 1990 Accord hit the million-mile mark (or at least 999,999). The celebration included a congratulatory airplane banner, three local marching bands and, as one would hope, a brand new set of wheels. Peep the parade video below.