FreshDirect’s 4-Minute Meals in a Vending Machine

By Matt Van Hoven Comment


Here’s a random find that caught our attention today. A friend sent us these images from his New York office. The image you see is a vending machine that contains FreshDirect 4-minute meals &#151 something that’s new to us, and new to the building it’s residing in, we’re told. Who knows, maybe this kind of thing has been around for awhile, but to us it’s marketing genius.

Who has time to run out for lunch these days? FreshDirect solves that problem and helps hungry office-folk eat well with the vending machine. Inside are the grocer’s well-known 4-minute meals, ready to pop into the microwave.

Normally, one would buy these little packaged meals online, but presumably FreshDirect wanted to enter the market another way. Forgot to bring lunch today? Don’t worry, we’ll bring the grocery store to you.

As a FreshDirect customer, we’re really pleased with this company. Their prices are comparable or cheaper than the market around the corner and best of all delivery is just a few dollars and always on time. Kudos to whoever thought of this. Now, if we could only get one here in the MB office…

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