Event Notice: Semantic Web Media Summit

By Kiran Aditham Comment

Yep, it’s that time to pay the man and in doing so, we want to make you aware that our sister site SemanticWeb.com is hosting the Semantic Web Media Summit in NYC on Sept. 14. For those of you who work in a New York agency, here’s a note from our siblings:

Have you heard of the Semantic Web? Want to know how it’s going to affect your job? The Semantic Web is already changing the way you consume information on the World Wide Web. It’s also being used across the media world for applications such as advanced media monitoring, analytics, publishing, ad targeting, content distribution, and SEO. So coming up next month, we’re going to gather in a room to talk about it. On September 14, media professionals and Semantic Web thought leaders from around the world will get together in New York for the Semantic Web Media Summit.

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Sponsorship opportunities are also available.