DRAFTfcb NY – With $8M in Layoffs, is it Morphing into a Pharma Shop?

By Matt Van Hoven Comment


We hear DraftFCB NY will be cutting, as stated in the headline, $8 million in payroll. Parker reported $7 million, but hey what’s another 5-15 jobs? I guess our sources used different sized pint glasses to listen through the door on this one.

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This lends to the possibility/probability that the shop could turn pharma, as we reported on June 23.

According to sources familiar with the situation, IPG folks made the decision this time, whereas in the past CCO Chris Becker and President Peter DeNunzio and the board had been the decision makers. I guess they weren’t able to keep their favorites this time. Aw, sad face, guys. Maybe now the shop will have a chance!

As Parker notes, and we also heard, the layoffs won’t come until a pitch to Stolichnaya brand vodka is over. But if DRAFTfcb’s track record is any evidence, the move could be made now.

Heads of HR, broadcast, and digital have already gotten the axe. Back in April, CDs David Bryant and Alan Wolk made their departures as did CD Tim Bruns about two weeks ago.

So that leaves a stapler, a broken printer, Chris Becker and some old yogurt. That and a bag of chips are the makings of great, award winning work.