Domino’s is Now Assigning Projects, Soliciting Ideas

By Kiran Aditham Comment

The CP+B-aided reinvention of Domino’s continues as the pizza chain is heralding the launch of its new Facebook platform called Think Oven, which serves as both a suggestion box (or “Idea Box” as they’re calling it) and an outlet for Domino’s to dish out projects for its consumer base to take part in.

First up to bat on the Think Oven project list? New uniforms. Yes, it appears that Domino’s is looking to update the ol’ blue and red-based outfits and is looking for your best ideas. The two best visual and written submissions will each win a cool $500, so why not channel your inner Project Runway designer. If you need a prettier explanation of what Think Oven is, see visual presentation above. Deadline for the uniform project, by the way, is March 4. In conjunction with the Facebook launch, Domino’s has also rolled out a new TV spot that tells the tale of how the brand’s new Parmesan Bread Bites came to be. Hint: The product idea wasn’t hatched at corporate HQ. Check it after the jump.