Kickstart This Agency Producer’s Documentary of the Falkland Islands

By Bob Marshall 

Near the bottom of the world lie the Falkland Islands, a South Atlantic archipelago made up of over 700 individual islands.

Two of the Falklands’ major resources are landmines and wool, the former due to a 150-year ownership conflict between Argentina and Britain and the latter due to a surfeit of sheep. In fact, very few informational materials about the Falkland Islands exist outside of those focusing on either the war or on the islands’ diverse wildlife. That’s why two American documentary filmmakers, Vern Cummins and DDB Chicago associate producer Jamie Gallant, are attempting to be the first to make a film that focuses on the over 3,000 people that call the Falklands home.


Their project, titled 51º South, is currently looking for some financial support. For the pair to fly Chicago to New York to Santiago to Punta Arena, Chile to the island chain, as well as pay for the cost of insurance and transportation around the island, Vern and Jamie estimate they need about $10,000 to make their project to come to life this summer. So, what’s the hip way to ask for a handout in the 21st century? Kickstarter, of course! On Kickstarter, Vern and Jamie are already over half way to their goal with 71 backers pledging more than $6,000. With 18 days left to finance their exploration, you can help kick-start the pair’s dream by pledging your donation here and visiting the film’s official website here.