Despite Losing Mini Pitch, ATL Agency Makes Lemonade Out of Lemons

By Kiran Aditham Comment

If you didn’t know, Atlanta-based agency Fitzgerald+CO participated in the pitch for BMW’s Mini business, which of course was eventually retained by incumbent BSSP. Despite losing out in the process, Fitzgerald seems to have put in a decent effort to win Mini’s favor.  The shop bought a vintage ’72 model of the brand as part of the pitch, then took it apart before carrying each piece to its 11th floor lobby, where staffers reassembled the car that was subsequently named “Olive.”

According to the Fitz+Co camp, the video you see above is just one of 30 “volumes of work” that were involved in their pitch for Mini. Well, now that the review is in the books, the agency has decided to part ways with “Olive,” which became its mascot for a short while, and have taken out an ad in a local paper to sell the car. Showing that they have a sense of humor about things, the Fitzgerald folks came up with the headline, ““Oh crap. Tear-stained ’72 Mini for sale” in their ad. Well, at least they have Hooters. Now we just wonder what the ATL agency came up with to win that account. Check out the ad after the jump.