Dear Xerox, Y&R Making You Look Bad

By Matt McCarron Comment

We think it’s safe to say that Mad Men‘s been pretty great for the advertising industry. It’s enhanced the allure while giving husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends and parents a mild understanding of the daily trials, that it’s not just you that gets caught up. Your significant other subconsciously realizes that Don Draper would constantly check his Blackberry, too.

But then, Xerox and Y&R step in and post a video that will be slept through at their own national brand meeting and give support to the idea that creatives just try to be creative for creative-sake and simply like to hear themselves talk, or read themselves write. In this painfully long video above, Xerox CMO Christa Carone, VP Barbara Basney and Y&R’s associate creative director Corey Rakowsky discuss the new ad campaign. The campaign sounds pretty interesting–Xerox will be leveraging other brands’ icons like Mr. Clean and Target’s “Bullseye” to show how Xerox helps these companies. But don’t say we didn’t warn you that it’s boring. The campaign launches Tuesday and will include TV spots, print, Out of Home and an extensive digital platform.

For now, you may as well go ahead and watch the video. Yeah, it’s five minutes, but are you really working on your last summer Friday?

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