Da Frog Plays With New Tech For Good

By SuperSpy Comment

Scott Goodson of StrawberryFrog loves the media. Did you notice he’s always showing up in the Google News results? Today, Goodson is out in front for proclaiming that “India will reinvent the way marketing is done globally.” Whether you agree or disagree, Goodson’s agency is deeply ensconced in the country now that they’ve picked up the account for the auto arm of the corporate giant, Mahindra Group.

This comes with a bit of doing good as Mahindra is heavily invested in the future of young girls in India through their non-profit, Nanhi Kali Launches. Da Frog has launched GirlSmiles.org in an attempt to get non-profits, who generally rely on large scale paid placements to spread their message, to use cheaper, more agile technologies instead. The site is one of those mini-window, iSite things that hangs out in the corner of your screen.

As AdFreak pointed out, those who have checked out the Modernista site will immediately feel at home with its functionality. This is one of those collective unconsciousness things where people are picking up on the same tech innovations. Da Frog created theirs around the same time Modernista was developing their version. And somewhere, I believe Deep Focus has used this protocol, too. What this really means is that these agencies are paying attention to innovations happening in real time. Sweet. Three agencies on the curve? Who would have thought…?